About the Program

The WMHP is a collaborative work environment under the direction of Dr. Stowe and other affiliated investigators in the fields of mathematics, clinical psychology, and psychiatry here at UW-Madison and at the Emory School of Medicine and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Through this approach, the WMHP is dedicated to cutting-edge research to further the understanding of the maternal biological and genetic influence of trauma and psychopathology on the development of a fetus and child.


The Women’s Mental Health Program welcomes individuals who wish to participate in our on-going research projects.  Please visit our Research page for more information. If you are an undergraduate, graduate, or medical student hoping to join the WMHP, please visit our Contact page to reach out for more information regarding current opportunities.

The Women’s Mental Health Program (WMHP) takes an interdisciplinary approach to improve the well-being of women. We hope to better understand how stress during pregnancy impacts a mother as well as how transgenerational effects of maternal psychopathology and trauma influence the behavioral development, neural circuitry, and vulnerability to stress of her child.